How to securely connect the PTO drive shaft to the tractor

While seniors may laugh at their PTO entanglements, they shouldn't. A child can become entangled in the PTO axis and die. In North Dakota, PTO entanglement occurs four to six times a year.

To prevent the PTO axis from slipping, could you ensure it is firmly fixed? Several PTO shafts are available, including T5 series driveshafts with CE certification. This PTO shaft consists of a rugged 20CrMnTi universal joint and a shielded internal Q345 steel tube. The type is designed to handle PTO power up to 600 HP and rotates clockwise from the tractor cab.

Harvester (PTO) shafts are used in lawn and garden tractors, mowers, rotary cultivators, wood chippers, and even fertilizer machines. In addition to tractors, PTO shafts can also be used for connected vehicles or engines. To ensure proper operation, you should know what each PTO shaft connector looks like. If you don't know how to determine which type of connector a tractor has, a video tutorial will walk you through the process.

Safety guards on the PTO shaft are essential. Tie pins to damage shafts. The same goes for any other drive shaft on the machine. Could you make sure your PTO shaft is protected from unauthorized access? The Agricultural Driveline Manufacturers Association provides safety decals for your PTO driveline. The PTO axis should be covered.

Connecting the PTO driveshaft to the rear PTO tractor requires bending over and lifting the heavy PTO shaft. Slide the PTO shaft onto the rear PTO. Before connecting the two, check the alignment of the drivetrain spline and press the pin lock to release the ring.

Keeping tractor shields safe is another key safety measure. These shields protect the front joint of the drive shaft from entanglement, which is essential to ensure that your PTO and tools are in good working order. The tractor can easily pull the machine apart whenever the PTO shaft is not fixed, causing injury. If the tractor moves on uneven ground, the PTO shaft can become a projectile and may even cause an accident.

Safety and working conditions

EP. Has always considered safety to be one of the most important design and construction parameters for its products which are all built in full compliance with the international ISO standard and EU safety regulations. Information on safety and on correct final user' s application of the PTO drive shaft are supplied in safety labels and in the "Use and Maintenance" Manual provided with all PTO drive shafts. It is the customer responsibility to inform EP. about the Country to which the PTO drive shafts will be delivered,in order to provide them with the suitable Manuals and Labels.

Ensure that all driveline,tractor and implement shields are functional and in place before operation.Damaged or missing parts must be replaced with originalspar parts,correctly installed,before using the driveline.

The PTO drive shaft joint does not operate continuously with an angle close to 80°, but only for brief periods (steering).

DANGER!Rotating driveline-contact can cause death. Keep away! Do not wear loose clothing,jewelry,or hair that could become entangled with the driveline.

Never use the safety chains to support the driveline for storage. Always use the support on the implement.

Friction clutches may become hot dring use. Do not touch! Keep the area around the friction clutch clear of any material which could catch fire and avoid prolonged slipping.

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